The Link Between Accutane and Crohn’s Disease

There has been a link established between the drug Accutane and the development of Crohn’s disease. Although the makers of this drug, Roche Ag recalled this medication, they cite it is due to economic concerns. With the generic version of Accutane on the market now and being sold by rival pharmaceutical companies, Roche AG halted the sales of this drug.

It should be noted that the FDA did issue a statement that they did not find safety nor effectiveness to be a reason for the recall of the drug from the market. It should also be noted that during the distribution of Accutane by Roche AG, the FDA did place a black box warning on the drug. The black box warning is the strongest warning from them that indicates medical studies have shown that the drug can cause serious problems in some individuals while taking the drug.

Many people believe it is actually due to the mounting lawsuits being levied against the manufacturer and large awards for the patients through legal mediation, which has forced Roche AG to withdraw the sale of Accutane.

Accutane was first introduced in the United States and approved by the FDA in 1982. The drug was found to be very effective in the treatment of some forms of acne that would not respond to other methods of treatment.

While practically dominating the market during the 80′s, Accutane patients started reporting problems that were serious in nature by the late 80′s.

These side effects ranged from kidney problems, psychiatric problems, severe birth defects, cardiovascular issues, central nervous system damage and autoimmune deficiencies. One of the worst problems was the severe psychiatric disorders, which caused hundreds of people to commit suicide.

Shortly thereafter, Accutane side effects that include Crohn’s disease along with other intestinal problems surfaced and the FDA ordered Roche AG to attach a strong warning label that clearly indicated the risk of side effects linked to Accutane before Roche AG actually recalled their prescription drug.

Crohn’s disease is a condition marked by flare-ups of symptoms that can be quite painful, and has no known cure. Some of the symptoms are abdominal pain, cramping in nature, lack of appetite, pain when passing stool or persistent watery diarrhea, fistulas around the rectal area and joint pain.

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